The Miniserver Go has been designed to bring together the many individual devices typically found in the home into one central system. The integrated wireless technology connects the Miniserver Go to up to 128 Air devices around the home, without the need for any wiring, whilst the Loxone app makes the system simple and easy to use.

“Since founding Loxone in 2009, our vision has been to make smart homes accessible to all through a simply structured, integrated system, and so far, this has been very successful,” explains Thomas Moser, co-founder of Loxone. “With the Miniserver Go we have developed a product that exactly meets the needs and demands of retrofitters.”

The Miniserver Go has the same intelligence as the Miniserver and can combine everything from basic switches and off-the-shelf devices to PV inverters into one affordable system.

Loxone Air components can be used to expand the Loxone Smart Home system. 
The Smart Socket Air is an intelligent wireless plug with an in-built temperature sensor and power metre.

Meanwhile the RGBW Dimmer Air can be used for lighting control, whilst the Multi Extension Air can be used to switch loads, control access, drive LED strips and much more.

“Our Loxone Air range is constantly being expanded,” adds managing director, Martin Ölle. “On our roadmap are several accessories such as a remote control and actuators for heating control.”

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