Loewe has revealed a new ‘Reference’ TV that supports 4K Ultra HD content and comes equipped with a built-in soundbar with eight internal speakers driven by 120W amplification.

The TV has been built in Germany using ‘premium’ materials; the company states that the frame is made entirely from aluminium, which can be customised in different colours to suit a customer’s tastes.

Available colours include black, silver and high-gloss white; those willing to pay a premium will also be able to upgrade to a premium, hand-applied finish option called dark gold.

If those colours are not suitable, do not fret, as Loewe will also be offering other colours via interchangeable fabric speaker covers. These covers promise ‘high acoustic permeability’ so should not affect sound quality.

Within the TV, users will find a 1TB hard drive for recording and sharing content, plus integrated Dolby/DTS surround sound processing.

Lowe Reference’s 4K Ultra HD display utilises the company’s Image+ processing, which it claims ‘delivers a vibrant, detailed picture.’

There are HDMI 2.0 slots with HDCP 2.2 and HEVC which should ensure that content from 4K sources can be enjoyed on the TV from external sources, whether it be a Blu-Ray player or some other input device.

Loewe has also equipped the TV with its ‘super-scaling’ technology; something that, in theory, should boost the resolution of SD and HD content.

An anti-reflective, high-contrast glass filter panel was specially developed for the Reference range, while active-shutter 3D technology is also on-board.

The Reference TV was developed in partnership with SOEN, ensuring that the front and rear arrangement of the speaker drivers in the built-in soundbar deliver 3D surround sound without the need for additional speakers.

In addition to this partnership, Dolby and DTS audio decoding is including; although there is no Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support at this stage.

Customers can now purchase the Loewe Reference 4K Ultra HD TV in a 55in configuration for £3,800; an 85in and 75in variant is set to join it in August and September, respectively.

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