Based in Portsmouth, New Land Solutions is a custom installation specialist that designs, implements and manages integrated communication solutions for smart homes, home cinema and business communications.

New Land Solutions can provide end to end solutions for all communication services, from network wiring to complex multi-site linking, IP telephony to site security, audio visual as well as ongoing maintenance.

CE Pro Europe catches up with Luke Newland.

What are you doing right now?

Paying yet another parking ticket from a days’ visit to London and drawing up the internal design for our new demo 1959 Airstream.

If you were not involved in AV, what would you be doing?

I have always said if I couldn’t continue with NLS then it would have to be something totally different. Something like starting a motorbike centre in a relaxed Mediterranean culture, providing great food and wine with amazing trails and roads. Not that I think about it much!

What project are you most proud of in your career and why?

One project I’m still very proud of happened seven years ago when NLS’ core business was data and voice infrastructure.

I designed and installed a large cisco VoIP deployment linking call centres all around the UK and 700 sales staff.

We were a very small company at the time and the performance of the solution was critical to our survival. It was a huge success and lead to similar international projects.

What is the worst thing (outside of your control) that has ever gone wrong on a project?

The worst experience we had was a main contractor going under; all the trades packed up and never returned. The install was placed on hold for nearly nine months and we almost had to start again.

What is the best thing about working in CI/AV?

I have passion for great designs and solving problems. I love working in the custom install environment which is full of skilled people and high-end products.

Our hidden cinema project featured in Essential Install magazine proves that even the craziest of ideas can come to life with a lot of hard work and a phone call to Future Automation.

What one thing could the industry collectively do to improve its standing and profitability?

Client training and proper handovers to avoid the return visits.

You can invite three people living or dead out for a pint (not including family and friends): Who and why?

David Mitchell or Robert Webb from Peep Show; they always make me laugh.

Rossi; I’m huge fan of his motorbike talent so I’d get some track-day tips.

Scarlett Johansson; because she’s awesome.

You can only watch one movie and listen to one album for the rest of your life, what are they?

I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun, Nuyorican Soul / The Goonies.

What is your favourite piece of AV/CI kit on the market right now?

Loxone; it’s very flexible and very powerful every project can afford one.

As an installer, what is one thing you’re tired of hearing either on the job, or about your job?

Getting pushed to bring equipment to site far too early, only to watch it getting full of dust.

What product/s or concepts do you think will be the next big thing will be in the industry?

The use of micro location beacons to trigger events within the smart home.

What is the next big project you have coming up?

We’re currently completing first fix on a large estate which is full of challenges due to the size. The project involves lighting, HVAC, high level security and at the last count 32 TV locations; it’s going to be fun!

James Bond, eat your heart out! THIS is how you hide a home cinema!

What are installers tired of hearing?

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