Soon homeowners will be able to get a slice of IMAX in their homes, with the film format finally coming to home cinema screens with the launch of ‘Palais’.

Behind the project is TCL-IMAX, a joint venture between TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited and IMAX Corporation.

TCL is making strides into the home theatre market, following the launch of its own GoLive ‘Synchronous Cinema’, but until recently its name has meant little in Western markets.

Thanks to its partnership with IMAX, the company is hoping to finally crack the US and other key countries.

The joint venture was formed at IMAX’s headquarters in Los Angeles with the aim to develop, design and manufacture premium in-home theatre systems; after two years of joint research and development the company finally unveiled its efforts at a press conference in Shanghai on June 17.

The IMAX Private Theatre ‘Palais’, according to Tomson Li Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, has integrated TCL’s experience in hardware and software capabilities with IMAX’s advanced video and audio technologies.

“Users can enjoy tailor-made home theatre content and the best in equipment maintenance services”, he claims.

CEO of IMAX, Richard Gelfond, adds: “‘Palais is the first one-stop home theatre solution that deploys the most advanced IMAX technology at home. It delivers IMAX’s best-in-class projection and sound technology as part of the very first completely turn-key home theatre system from a single source”.

Tomson lauds the partnership as being able to offer “users who seek premier audio-visual effects with an unprecedented entertainment experience.” While Richard notes that TCL’s position as “the fastest growing company in the global entertainment technology industry” will benefit IMAX and consumers alike.

So how do installers get their hands on a Palais system to begin installing in their clients’ homes? Well, right now it’s difficult; with TCL-IMAX requiring users to qualify even before they get to look at the system in its Shanghai showroom.

Those lucky enough to gain an invite will be met with a complete home cinema system; equipped with sound isolation acoustics, wall treatments, flooring, lighting, seating and AV content provided by IMAX.

Pricing and a technical specification has yet to be revealed, although those wanting to check out the system at the Le Meridien Hotel in Shanghai can attempt to book an appointment with TCL-IMAX. 7

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