Available in January 2015, Pioneer has launched Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers.

The S-BS73A-LR bookshelf and S-FS73A floor-standing speakers include an additional 4-in CST speaker integrated into the top of each enclosure, providing that crucial Atmos height information – without the need for separate ceiling speakers.

The bookshelf, floor-standing, and centre speakers utilise a true three-way design concept using 5-1/4-in aluminium woofers, 4-in aluminium midrange, and 1-in soft dome tweeter.

Pioneer states that it is amongst the first manufacturers to offer both audio video receivers and a matching speaker system designed specifically for Dolby Atmos.

The Dolby Atmos upgradable LX AV receivers incorporate key technologies that make it possible to produce the Dolby Atmos experience in the home.

“With Dolby Atmos, audio technology has finally caught up with today’s visual advancements of 3D or even 4K,” comments Philippe Coppens, technology and product information manager at Pioneer Europe.

“Our Dolby Atmos enabled speakers allow for a customer to enjoy a full Dolby Atmos experience with the same footprint as a traditional 5.1 channel system simply by adding four more speaker wires to deliver a sonic experience overhead.”

At the heart of the speaker system is the Pioneer-developed CST driver embodying a single point source concept; the midrange and tweeter speakers are configured coaxially so that their directional characteristics conform.

Featuring a 4-in aluminium cone, the midrange has a first break-up mode at a high 8kHz, ensuring pure ‘pistonic’ motions throughout its operating range.

The speaker incorporates a 5-1/4-in woofer that utilises an aluminium cone and an inverted aluminium dust cap for improved strength and a true pistonic motion throughout its operating range.

The bookshelf speakers are suitable for use as either the main front-channel or rear-channel speakers in a surround-sound system.

Andrew Jones designed the bookshelf speakers to be a true, three-way design, so each major frequency band is reproduced via its own dedicated front firing high-, mid-, and low-frequency driver. Integrated into a sloping top panel is an upward firing CST optimised specifically for reproducing the Dolby Atmos height channel audio information.

Meanwhile, the floor-standing speakers utilise three 5-in bass drivers and like the bookshelf model, the sloping top panel includes an upward firing CST specifically optimised for reproducing the Dolby Atmos height channel information.

The centre channel speaker employs the same CST and bass driver from the bookshelf, maintaining a consistent sound signature for the critical centre channel.

A front mounted 5-in passive radiator replaces the rear vents used on the bookshelf and floor-standing models, allowing the centre channel to be positioned close to a wall or mounted into a cabinet or entertainment centre.

Lastly, Pioneer’s S-71W subwoofer features a 25cm driver enclosed within a ‘down-fire’ bass-reflex type stylish cabinet.

Integrating a 160W RMS-280W peak amplifier, it delivers enough power to support all .1 or .2 speaker configurations, and has been designed to comply with Pioneer’s Phase Control technology.


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