Compact installation amp from Cornered Audio offers size-defying power and clever DSP in one says distributor Karma AV.  

Karma-AV has introduced UK integrators to Cornered Audio’s compact, versatile CA280DSP two-channel power amplifier, designed to bring high power and EQ convenience to high-performance multi-room audio installations.

Measuring just 44x220x234mm (HxWxD), the CA280DSP delivers up to 2x140W in 4/8 ohm or up to 1x280W in bridge mode from just 20% of the space occupied by comparable conventional amp designs, says Karma AV. It can also deliver 280W in 70V/100V mode and for added flexibility, one channel can run in 4/8 ohm while the other channel runs in 70V/100V mode.

In addition to its power/size ratio and management options, the CA280’s DSP offers integrators room correction tools when used with Cornered Audio PC software and free-to-download Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) software controlled via Ethernet, USB or Wi-Fi.

Running 48 kHz/24 bit and high performance 24bit AD/DA converters, the DSP provides installers with a wide range of loudspeaker processing options. Each band can be switched to Bell or Lo/Hi-Shelving with variable Q. The HP/LP filters offer slopes from 6dB/octave up to 24dB/octave including Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley crossovers.

For Auto EQ, the amp’s DSP software works with any third-party AISO virtual soundcard and external mic to run local EQ sweeps for room response optimisation down to 25 Hz. This works for all connected speaker systems, but for added convenience, complete Cornered Audio amp/speaker setups can be optimised via the amp’s built-in response presets.

Pheonix line-level inputs connect any balanced or unbalanced signal from the preamp and multiple CA280s located centrally or locally can be daisy-chained together via Pheonix link outputs: the software supports up to 32 amps simultaneously. Speaker output is from screw-down terminals on bare wire up to 2.5 mm².

The fan-less CA280DSP includes two Class D output stages with ultra-low distortion and a full set of circuit protections. An efficient heat dissipation system and over-heat protection ensures strong reliability, while the amp’s advanced and efficient switch mode power supply includes power factor correction and delivers consistent, regulated power worldwide.

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