Chord Electronics, digital audio expert, proves that its award-winning Hugo DAC/headphone amp is one tough customer by taking on a tank.

Fans of the UK-based Chord Electronics will already be aware of the build quality available across the range from this quality manufacturer.

However, few would be aware that the manufacturer has also delivered a DAC that is officially tank-proof!

Following Chord Electronics’ previous 2011 run-in with a 13.2-tonne Russian BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle with its flagship DAC, the QBD76, the British company decided to see if its more affordable digital-to-analogue converter, the Hugo DAC, could hold out under pressure just like its sibling.

With the help of Stuttgart-based journalist, Stefan Schickedanz, who was the mastermind behind the stunt (and who has already witnessed one crushing defeat!) Chord Electronics supplied its Hugo DAC for the ultimate ‘test’: Russia’s first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle, the armoured, radiation-shielded BMP-1.

The full test features in German Hi-Fi magazine AUDIOphile 1/15, but CE Pro Europe readers can enjoy the full video right here!

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