CAVD is growing its portfolio of products, as the distributor announces an agreement with Screen Excellence in the UK.

Joining Wisdom Audio, Agath, Digital Projections, Stewart Filmscreen and Nakymatone, Screen Excellence will benefit from CAVD’s dedication to the custom install industry.

Screen Excellence offers a wide range of Acoustically Transparent (A.T.) screen for use in home cinema set-ups.

The company was founded in 2005 by Patrice Congard, an acoustic engineer, to develop the most effective acoustically transparent projection surface for home theatres.

Convinced that woven fabrics were the answer, Patrice began to test and refine woven screen materials as far back as 1997.

He was instrumental in creating the company that became Screen Research. After a non-competition agreement had expired, a period of intensive R& D was initiated with the aim of developing and producing the AT screens for Screen Excellence.

The engineering that followed created the Enlightor material: a proprietary, acoustically efficient woven structure, which claims to eliminate the moiré effect produced by fixed-pixel projectors on conventional perforated or micro-perforated screens.

Screen Excellence products will no longer be handled by Karma-AV or Anthem AVS. Atlantik AV will continue its distribution agreement with the company however.

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