Balanced Audio Technology’s VK-3500: Convenience Without Compromise

Balanced Audio Technology’s hybrid integrated amplifier balances extraordinary power with exquisite tube finesse says its creator.

Karma-AV has announced the introduction of Balanced Audio Technology’s hybrid VK-3500 integrated amplifier to UK audiophiles. Celebrating over 25 years of cutting-edge audio design, the VK-3500 marries a ‘SuperTube Unistage’ preamplifier with a solid-state power section generating a robust 150W per channel into 8-ohm loads, doubling into 4-ohm loads.

Exemplifying Balanced Audio Technology’s purist ‘direct wire with gain’ approach to circuit design, and as per the reference 6H30 SuperTube Unistage used in the flagship REX 3 pre-amplifier, the signal is transmitted through only one gain stage with zero feedback. The VK-3500’s revised preamp topology uses 2nd generation oil capacitors. Non-oil capacitors can initially make music sound more exciting, says the maker, but the excitation comes from ‘ringing’ artifacts, which, for instance, can make a grand piano sound overly sharp. Oil provides proper damping to the capacitor so that the signal passing through it does not ring, delivering more organic, natural sounding music reproduction.

The VK-3500’s output stage employs a zero-feedback symmetrical bipolar design that complements the 6H30 tube-based preamplifier by providing high current capability as well as wide bandwidth for the ultimate in transparency and high-end extension.

Attractive industrial design and configurable user convenience from the machined-aluminium remote control, a programmable user interface provides for one-touch source/polarity switching and volume control. The integrated phono module accommodates both moving-magnet and low-output moving-coil cartridges. Inputs include two balanced (XLR) and three single-ended (RCA), while RCA and high-performance balanced vacuum-tube preamplifier outputs will feed an amplifier in a second room. The VK-3500 features the all-aluminium design pioneered by BAT’s flagship REX 3 systems while its circuitry and build mirror the uncompromised high quality found across BAT’s flagship product line-up.

Integrating lots of power and richly textured musicality, Karma AV says Balanced Audio Technology’s VK-3500 hybrid integrated amplifier embodies simplicity without compromise. It offers audiophiles unlimited musical finesse and exceptional performance in one convenient package. Typical UK pricing inc VAT: £12,995.00, available from June.

Main Features

•        High Current 6H30 Super Tube Unistage Design

•        Fully symmetrical wide-bandwidth bi-polar design

•        Zero global feedback

•        Second Generation Silver/Gold/Oil Signal Capacitors

•        Fuseless Channel Circuit Protection derived from the technology developed for the REX3 Amplifier system

•        Unistage Design: shares a single gain preamp section with our flagship REX3 reference products. This Unistage circuit provides the ultimate simplicity of amplifying the incoming signal only once, while using zero global feedback

•        Victor Khomenko designed MM/MC phono module included

•        Available in silver or black

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