Zeiler Audio makes UK debut with £60,000 valve pre/power amp

Zeiler Audio is now available in the UK, thanks to the company’s association with British hi-fi sales operation, Digital Audio Consultancy.

Hand-made in Switzerland, Zeiler Audio offers just two precision-engineered valve amplifiers for discerning audiophiles, the PR-01 preamp and the PA-01 power amp. Zeiler Audio’s philosophy of ‘existing to create extraordinary musical experiences’ is echoed in the PR-01 and PA-01 amplifiers, which offer a timeless design, intuitive control and unsurpassed attention to detail.

The amplifiers are precision CNC-milled from solid aluminium billet to form an extremely sturdy chassis, with a bead-blasted treatment, anodised finish, plus a highly resistive ceramic coating. Both designs benefit from advanced power supplies mounted on suspended sub-chassis to mechanically isolate them from the audio circuits.

Further features include manually channel-matched parts to close tolerances with hand-soldering point to point, oversized choke-regulated power supplies with custom made power transformers, plus cryogenically treated internal OFC copper wiring. Lundahl input and output transformers galvanically isolate the preamplifier from the outside world, with the power amp benefitting from Lundahl C-core output devices.

The PR-01 preamp is a single-ended pure triode Class A design. It offers a precision volume control providing optimal channel synchronisation and sensitive volume adjustments down to the lowest volume ranges. Four inputs, including MM, with different sensitivities, offer wide-ranging flexibility with a range of sources. The amp also uses widely used valves (12AX7/ECC83) to ensure robust future availability.
The two 10W single-ended PA-01 power amplifier is based on a triode configuration and uses two KT150 and two 12AX7/ECC83 in the output stage. It offers impedance-matching for both a 4 or 8-ohm output impedance, with a 16-ohm option on request from the factory.

Founder and owner of Zeiler Audio, Ralf Zeiler, says, “Zeiler’s customers are enthusiastic about the successful synthesis of extraordinary musical experiences, timeless elegant design and perfect workmanship made in Switzerland, and I am very excited to debut my products in the UK, a country with such a great audio history.

“On a personal note, I am a big fan of vintage Tannoy loudspeakers – running 1960’s Tannoy Lockwood monitor speakers taken out of service from Trident Studios in London. So, I already know Zeiler amplifiers are well suited to British speakers.”

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