UBSOUND launches three new premium handcrafted loudspeakers

With a widespread international presence in the high-end audio industry in more than 65 countries worldwide, UBSOUND has launched its new series: B-Series, T-Series and M-Series.

UBSOUND says that it constantly works in research and development with the aim of improving its loudspeakers engineering, in order to generate an extreme natural playback together with a stylish design.

Based on the strengths of the previous Series, UBSOUND decides to move a step forward upgrading its coaxial driver adding more power, more dynamic and coherency for a natural perfect soundstage.

As a consequence of the driver improvement and the new engineering inside the cabinet, UBSOUND studied a new bass reflex shape in order to recreate a perfect sound image with a natural and homogeneous tonality that is in line with the HDNSS (High Definition Natural Sound Signature) own audio technology. In details, the new exclusive bass-reflex designed with a conic-horn shape which maintains a calibrated pressure inside the acoustic chamber, is able to deliver a better low frequency, faster, robust and smooth at the same time for an astonishing acoustic scene.

The finishing style of the external cabinet has been enriched with the choice of a new logo that is laser cut embossed chrome stainless steel that create tricks of lights according to the reflection of the lights of the room in which the loudspeaker is positioned.

“Regarding the design of these new loudspeakers series, the choice of the two colours is inspired by the piano keyboard, just black and white keys to obtain and show a clear message: simply pure sound” declares Marzio Gasparro, CEO of the UBSOUND Group.

All the mentioned improvements are implemented on the entire new catalogue range that counts three premium loudspeakers models: B45, T55 and M75, for a total of five items.

  • The new B45 is a bookshelf two-way loudspeaker available in two fascinating colours: matt satin black and glossy pure white. ($12.000/pair)
  • The new T55 is a floor standing tower two-way loudspeaker available in two colours: matt satin black and glossy pure white. ($14.000/pair)
  • The new M75 is a floor standing two-way multi-coaxial tower loudspeaker available in the unique and matt satin black colour and it is characterised by the presence of four dynamic two-way coaxial drivers on each tower, with three drivers directed towards the front stage and one omnidirectional driver towards the floor. ($20.000/pair)

UBSOUND has always been at the forefront also in the online sales approach towards its clients but wants more audiophiles to have the opportunity to experience their loudspeakers and in fact new high-end stores are becoming representative of UBSOUND in their own country.

“The UBSOUND network is made of a selection of the best high-end stores throughout the world. We are working to increase our network willing to have real partners in each country instead of simple resellers,” adds Marzio.

Technical details

DriverIndependent two-way dynamic coaxial driverIndependent two-way dynamic coaxial driverFour independent two-way dynamic coaxial drivers
Driver positionFrontFrontThree front drivers, one driver towards the floor
Driver diameter21cm (8,3in)21cm (8,3in)21cm (8,3in)
Maximum power125W125W500W
Suggested powerFrom 5-100WFrom 5-100WFrom 20-400W
Frequency response25-26,000Hz (±3 db)25-26,000Hz (±3 db)21-26,000Hz (±3db)
Sensitivity93dB (2.83V/1 m)93dB (2.83V/1 m)93dB (2.83V/1 m)
Maximum harmonic distortion< 0,5%< 0,5%< 0,5%
Total size (H x W x D)40 x 26 x 31cm 15.75 x 10.24 x 12.20in93 x 26 x 31cm 36.61 x 10.24 x 12.20in92 x 26 x 31cm 36.22 x 10.24 x 12.20in
Feet height1cm (0.40in)1cm (0.40in)4cm (1.57in)
Weight of each loudspeaker9Kg (20lb)18Kg (40lb)23Kg (44lb)
Bass-reflexFront, conic-horn shaped at calibrated pressureFront, conic-horn shaped at calibrated pressureFront, conic-horn shaped at calibrated pressure
PositioningBookshelfFloor standing towerFloor standing tower
Suggested running-in period150 hours of use150 hours of use150 hours of use
Finishing – colourMatt satin black, glossy pure whiteMatt satin black, glossy pure whiteMatt satin black
Street Price MSRP$12,000 pair$14,000 pair$20,000 pair


The B45, T55 and M75 premium handcrafted loudspeakers are already available for purchase in the best high-end stores worldwide or directly from the Italian factory on the UBSOUND website.

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