Sound Design Distribution has teamed up with Tivoli Audio to offer its products in the UK. As part of the deal, the distributor is set to begin offering the soon-to-launched ART range of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Tivoli Audio is based in Boston, USA, and has been available in high-end AV stores for a while. Those desperate to get their hands on the company’s products have been able to locate them at stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and Sevenoaks Sound & Vision.

Sound Design Distribution is seen as a good fit for Tivoli Audio products – as its offering tends to consist of high-end AV products. Other brands offered by Sound Design Distribution include Mola Mola, Punkt, Geneva and The+Audio.

Commenting on the partnership Tivoli Audio’s vice president of international sales, Silvio M. Pupino, notes of the partnership: “We are extremely excited about working with Sound Design. They have proven themselves to be an industry leader in their market and Tivoli Audio looks forward to ushering in a new era in the UK through this relationship and our new product offerings.”

Sound Design Distribution’s Andy Baker adds: “We’re delighted to be adding the landmark designer audio brand Tivoli Audio to our line-up. It strengthens our mission to expand the availability of beautiful, easy-to-use, high performance audio systems to the UK’s music loving audience.”

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