Last year Samsung came to CES with a soundbar boasting Dolby Atmos, it was unique at the time but has since been copied by a number of manufacturers. At CES 2017 the company is releasing yet another unique soundbar, dubbed the MS750, but instead of including Dolby Atmos, Samsung has forgone any 3D audio technology and instead decided to integrate a subwoofer into the soundbar itself.

Samsung is calling the MS750 its first ‘all-in-one’ soundbar, as it features everything a user needs from a sound system all in one convenient package. Gone are the days users needed to find room for a wireless subwoofer.

The lack of Dolby Atmos may annoy some, but for those who couldn’t care less this could be a decent option – especially if space is tight or the person is a neat freak. Like the new QLED TVs, Samsung has ensured that its latest soundbar have as little cable clutter as humanly possible. The soundbar can be mounted to one of the new TVs with one cable and even be controlled with the TVs remote.

In addition to this clutter-free design, the MS750 soundbar comes with a DSP and other mechanical technologies which help prevent low bass from distorting. Samsung has also equipped it with its UHQ 32-bit audio technology.

A release date and price has yet to be announced.

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