Nuimo Click, A Logitech Pop Alternative, Now Works With Sonos

The Works with Sonos program continues to grow, with Senic receiving certification for its Nuimo Click wireless switch. This means installers can now mount a Nuimo Click to the wall and give full control over any Sonos speakers that have also been installed.

Senic’s Nuimo Click is similar to the super simple Logitech Pop, in that it offers one-click control over nearly every smart home device that has been installed within a home. The fact that the switch is completely wireless also makes it quick to install, while its small form factor makes it an easy addition to any project.

Through the Works with Sonos program, installers can now offer their clients the ability to have full control over a Sonos speaker without the use of an app or powered remote control. Instead, the Nuimo Click is completely self-powered, relying on the kinetic energy produced from a click in order to send the command to the Sonos speaker. It’s not just Sonos devices that can be controlled, however, with installers also able to set-up lighting control with Philips Hue.

“With the Nuimo Click, we have created a quicker and more seamless way to operate your Sonos Smart Home System, without the use of your phone or an app,” said Tobias Eichenwald, chief executive officer, Senic GmbH.

“As part of the ‘Works with Sonos’ program, we certify users are choosing products that meet Sonos’ exacting standards for design and sound.”

The Nuimo Click launched on on December 11, 2018.

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