Harman Kardon presents a home audio experience with the new Radiance 2400 wireless home audio system. Featuring two ultra-slim floor-standing speakers, a powerful subwoofer and a digital hub, Radiance represents a blend of minimalist design, premium materials and audio.

Harman Kardon Radiance is the first consumer product to feature HARMAN’s patented Constant Beamwidth Technology. Developed for professional solutions products, this technology ensures every listener in the room enjoys the same exhilarating sound experience via precisely tuned beam-forming components. HARMAN’s revolutionary technology uniquely unites 24 precisely calibrated 1.25in transducers in each of the elegant Radiance speakers to deliver superior sound coverage from corner to corner.

Radiance’s rich, detailed soundscape is matched by its striking design – the wireless floor-standing speakers are guaranteed to take your breath away. Unlike any speaker before, the slender columns reach 1.8m in height while only being 51mm wide and 58mm deep. The lower section tapers to the elegant, champagne glass-shaped base, which houses the wireless components and digital amplifiers for the system.

The ultra-slim floor-standing speakers are also equipped with Harman Kardon’s Digital Loop Amplifier technology which corrects the natural errors and distortion anomalies that occur in digital amplification and restores audio quality.

Meanwhile, the wireless 10in, 200W subwoofer takes care of the bass performance, delivering sensational power and producing breath-taking mids and highs.

Your entire AV setup can be connected to the Harman Kardon Radiance so you can enjoy incredible home audio whether streaming music or watching the latest blockbuster. The compact digital hub connects to your TV, game consoles and other AV devices, while Wi-Fi allows easy access to HD music streaming through Chromecast built-in or Apple AirPlay, directly to the speakers. No wires, no boxy speakers – only you and the music.

Enjoy effortless control through the multifunctional LCD touch screen or the included Bluetooth wireless remote[AJ1]  control. Set up is also a breeze with no need for complicated installation: the wireless connection between the digital hub, speakers and subwoofer is ready to go straight out of the box.

“The Radiance 2400 is a truly unique product from Harman Kardon and after many years in development we are delighted that we can now share this incredibly special home audio system with the world,” says Dave Rogers, President, HARMAN Lifestyle Division.

“This landmark moment for our Harman Kardon brand sees the transfer of Harman Professional technologies to a consumer audio product, demonstrating the wealth of knowledge available to our product designers here at HARMAN. Central to all of our products is the user experience and we believe it is only worthwhile introducing new technologies if there is a tangible benefit for the end user. Through our Constant Beamwidth Technology implementation in Harman Kardon Radiance, we have created a flexible, multi-functional home audio system with an astonishing design.”

With the Harman Kardon Radiance system in the living room or TV room, Chromecast built-in or AirPlay allow you to enjoy a multiroom setup throughout the house, combining Radiance with other compatible wireless multiroom speakers, including the Harman Kardon Citation Series.

The Harman Kardon Radiance will be available through selected dealers in October 2021 for £3999.99.

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