Deezer is now available on Google Home, bringing yet another music streaming service to the smart speaker platform. It joins Spotify and Google Play Music, which are currently the most popular streaming services on the platform.

While Google Home is behind Amazon in terms of the number of smart home devices that can be controlled through the speaker, it is leading the way when it comes to multimedia options. Google Home already supports video streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, while the addition of Deezer puts it ahead of Amazon’s Alexa.

Amazon’s voice assistant currently only supports Amazon’s own music services, Spotify, and TuneIn, while Google supports Play Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and now Deezer. Google’s smart speaker will also be the first to support Spotify’s free tier, which was announced earlier this year.

Google’s need to bolster its multimedia offering comes in the face of increased competition from some other players in the space. Apple’s HomePod will be the largest threat, with Apple opting to concentrate on sound quality over smart home control. Sonos’ support of Alexa could also threaten Google’s marketshare.

Go With The Flow

Thankfully, Google has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to supporting Deezer. That’s because the music streaming service is bringing its ‘Flow’ feature to the Google Home. This feature dynamically builds playlists based on a user’s pre-existing music-listening habits, much like Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

Those wishing to take advantage of Flow on Google Home, will simply need to say, ‘OK Google, Play My Flow’, which will trigger an algorithm to automatically generate a playlist. If for whatever reason the user doesn’t like the music playing, then they can teach Deezer what they do like. That can be achieved by simply telling Google Home which songs match their tastes, ensuring a better match when using the Flow feature.

Perhaps Google’s biggest trump card will be Deezer’s support for the voice recognition system that is currently exclusive to Google Home. This allows different users to get personalised results matching their music tastes.

Deezer support for Google Home is currently available in Germany and France, while a launch in the US, UK and Australia is scheduled for later this summer.

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