Lenbrook International, developer of the BluOS wireless hi-res audio streaming platform, has announced the release of the new BluOS Controller desktop app.

Described as a powerful new control interface for macOS and Windows, the BluOS Controller has been redesigned and refined with a fresh, modern look and features that streamline music controls across a desktop or mobile device. The company wanted to create a more seamless and fluid experience to go with the high-quality music delivery platform.

Highlights include faster access to the Navigation Drawer where users can browse local music libraries, streaming music services and playlists all in one place.

The Player Drawer itself has been redesigned to prioritise the most important controls and multi-room grouping buttons and the simplified browse model makes searching for albums, artists, and songs easier.

Andrew Haines, BluOS product manager, says, “The new BluOS Controller is the future of the desktop experience with its incredible design and amazing new features, all engineered to mirror the mobile app that our customers love. Our goal is to always engineer our products, platforms, and applications together, so we are able to create a seamless user experience across all devices—no matter how you like to listen.”

With the desktop app, the BluOS experience now has a cleaner look where controls are designed to be clearer, smarter and easier to understand, while the intuitiveness of the Navigation and Player drawers lets users focus on their music without comprising functionality.

BluOS enabled wireless speakers can now be grouped together as left/right stereo pairs inside the app, and users can build Fixed Groups for specific rooms and surround sound configurations using multiple speakers and devices. Audio settings can be adjusted and customised for each device with one click, allowing users to tailor the sound to their listening preferences. Updated Navigation and Player Drawer icons have a clean, consistent design and all the visual elements have been enhanced for improved readability.

The updated search design makes browsing and finding music easier too. Users can type in the name of an artist, song, or album, and have the search results auto-populated and displayed in real-time.

Built directly into the app, the new music share utility lets users integrate music libraries stored on a computer or NAS drive. Sharing large music collections with BluOS works like any other file sharing protocol, so users can organise their music with folders and tags, drag them into the share utility, and browse their music library using the app. It also has built-in support for DSD playback, allowing music collectors to enjoy their favourite recordings in a high-resolution format.

Installer benefits

In conjunction with popular home automation systems, the desktop app delivers platform technologies that make it easier for installers to create and build whole-music systems on-site using their laptop. A new and separate BluOS CI Utility app is also available for download alongside the desktop controller, making it simple for installers to integrate BluOS enabled devices and map third-party control functions for smart home controllers like the Lutron Pico Remote for Audio and the iPort Surface Mount with Buttons.

Windows and macOS users can download and enjoy the new desktop app for free from bluesound.com and nadelectronics.com. All BluOS users are also urged to upgrade to the latest version of BluOS software, version 2.16, and download the latest apps for smartphone and tablet.

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