Those who rock both an iPhone and a Bluesound Generation 2i product can now benefit from AirPlay 2, as a firmware update was released yesterday to add support. This means that the Node 2i, Powernode 2i, Vault 2i, Pulse 2i, Pulse Mini 2i, Pulse Flex 2i and Pulse Sub 2i all now support multi-room streaming through Apple’s AirPlay 2.

AirPlay 2 received an official release back in May and has only been supported by a few manufacturers since then. Libratone added support in June, while Sonos brought it to its range of speakers in July. While Bluesound is a bit behind the curve, the Generation 2i line-up only arrived on the scene in October.

Through the use of AirPlay 2, Bluesound Generation 2i products can now link up to third-party speakers also supporting the streaming technology. That includes the likes of the Apple HomePod, as well as the aforementioned speakers from Sonos and Libratone. That makes it easier for installers to mix and match audio systems, and even makes it possible for users to add plug and play speakers to their installed set-up.

It’s not just about multi-room with AirPlay 2, as the software also enables voice control through Siri. That means a user can now bark a command at their smartphone, tablet, Mac or HomePod speaker and have music play on any compatible audio device; which as of yesterday, also includes Bluesound Generation 2i products.

Those stuck with older Bluesound products needn’t fear about being left in the cold, although they will need to make sure they have something from the Bluesound Generation 2i line-up installed in their home. That’s because the company has made older products compatible with AirPlay 2, but they require being grouped to something from the Generation 2i range.

To get the update, just switch on any Bluesound Gen 2i kit and it should recommend the latest firmware. Once downloaded, AirPlay 2 will automatically be unlocked for the user’s audio enjoyment.

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