Buying an off the shelf sound could be a good way to upgrade the audio quality of your TV, but it can often look jarring. That’s why Artison designed its latest flagship soundbar, the Studio 65, with the company able to match the grille of the soundbar to the design of the TV.

Packing Proprietary long throw carbon fibre bass/mid drivers, the Studio 65 is a soundbar that has been specifically designed for large TVs of over 70in. To fit TVs of that size, Artison offers grilles that are finished to the exact width of the TV.

Despite the large width, the Studio 65 shouldn’t look out of place next to a super slim TV, as it measures just 55mm deep. It can also be mounted on the wall through fixed or articulating VESA brackets.

The pièce de résistance of the Studio 65 is the fact that users don’t need to change their soundbar if they swap out the TV. That’s because the customisable grille can simply be popped off and replaced with one that more closely fits the new TV.

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