Anthem AV Solutions has announced the availability of the Artnovion High End Collection.

Manufactured using premium selections of wood and fabric, Artnovion’s High End Collection features absorbers, diffusers and low frequencies treatments.

The High-End Collection was first introduced for audiophiles and for people that simply want to enjoy a movie or listen to music while relaxing in the comfort of their own homes.

Artnovion’s High End products are used in Hi-Fi rooms, home cinemas, auditoriums and gaming rooms.

Two of Artnovion’s latest developments for the High End Collection are the Lugano Diffuser and Sahara Absorber.

The Lugano Diffuser is a furniture grade wood diffuser designed for any noise control environment, although it is particularly suitable for Hi Fi and home cinemas.

The Sahara Absorber, meanwhile, is an acoustic panel that allows an installer to increase the absorptive areas and change the morphology of the diffusing ridges, resulting in a tailor-made panel capable of wall-to-wall treatment.

Artnovion’s App, Impulso, is a user-friendly acoustic measurement tool, which provides a measurement of the acoustics of the space, displaying detailed RT and frequency response information.

It then allows panels from the range to be added in real-time, allowing the installer to see the effect on the space.

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