With a lifespan in the market approaching 20 years, Artcoustic is no longer the new kid on the block. With its combination of Danish style and high-quality audio, Artcoustic has become one of the go to companies providing consistent innovation to installers.

Artcoustic was founded in 1998 by Kim Donvig and Patricia Ljungberg, with the aim of combining aesthetics and sound quality, without compromising on either.

With this award winning brand now available in 35 markets around the globe, the evidence underlines that the original goal has been met and then some.

Last year saw the brand pick up the Best High End Speaker System award at the AV Tech Media Awards in the UK and The Best Loudspeaker gong from the Smart Building Awards at Essential Install Live!

A large part of the brand’s appeal has been the ability to either enhance the style of the home, or to disappear into the background, with both options still offering the performance needed.

If an installer’s job is to offer products that become part of the home, not just an addition to it, Artcoustic is one of the brands that delivers.

Working hard on the physical innovations of its lines, the brand takes the aesthetics of the products just as importantly, with clean contemporary Scandinavian design – a signature of every Artcoustic product.

The brand’s history shows important landmarks that have been delivered in building its reputation and gaining trust.

The Artcoustic Multi LCR Sound Bar, billed as the first left, centre and right sound bar in the world, pioneered the concept of an all-in-one LCR (Left, Centre, and Right) sound bar back in 2000 and the latest SL version is an evolution of this line.

Available in four standard versions, all feature clean discrete aesthetics with high output timbre matched performance.

The product can also be used as a single LCR loudspeaker, or for more powerful systems, used as a single mono centre channel. Standard sizes are supported with bespoke options.

Artcoustic has designed the 50 strong product range to be flexible and versatile, with the same timbre matched drive units and crossover technology throughout the range.

This allows for the team at Artcoustic to support its dealers fully by helping to design the correct products for the right application, not just selling whatever fits a budget.

This approach is designed to ensure consistent high quality installations and satisfied clients, all part of the growth of the brand as a quality solution.

The regular Installation Of the Month features produced by the company underline the quality of projects using Artcoustic loudspeakers.

This large range of compatible and flexible products allows for the correct acoustic solutions, while the endless design options, prints, colours, paint matching, Pantone colours, bespoke designs, almost anything in fact, mean that whilst the audio quality is high, the aesthetics will also suit almost any interior.

This has made products like the Target Sl and Diablo SL popular with interior designers, which is allowing installers to deliver higher quality solutions to the end clients.

Ultimately, says the manufacturer, the SL series is a revolution in speaker design, with high sensitivity, as high as 110db and with output up to 130db, all within a 67mm deep cabinet with endless aesthetic options.

For home cinema, the brand offers its Spitfire Series, which is crucially identical to the performance of the SL series, but with a more cost effective paint finish and more industrial look.

The Spitfire series has become a go-to option for many installers looking to deliver class leading performance for dedicated cinemas.

The product range is backed up with a full technical design service from the UK team and high-quality demonstration facilities to experience what is possible.

The Artcoustic team are regularly helping with site surveys, 3D concept drawing, calibrations, photography and more; it’s all part of the support Artcoustic can offer.

A key message to take from the Artcoustic approach is that the company has a serious range for installers working in dedicated cinemas, but also a strong range for when beautiful interiors are the priority, all under-pinned by the same technology.

Artcoustic has become a leading brand through innovation and fresh thinking. The SL and Spitfire Series have been a big success, however the company says there are more exciting developments coming soon.

Later this year there will be some very big announcements, with what Artcoustic says are some amazing new products.

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