Featuring six drive units and 100W of amplification in an atractive, low-resonance aluminium enclosure, Arcam says the Solo bar provides high-quality room-filling sound.

Four HDMI, coax, optical and 3.5mm line inputs allow for flexible system building without being over complex.

Audio can also be streamed to the bar via Bluetooth and also from the bar to Bluetooth headphones, so volume late at night is not a problem.

Arcam says that on board decoding of all current HD audio formats ensures that absolutely no sonic detail is lost.

The bar is supplied with a remote control and a microphone for auto setup/eq.

Complementing the Solo bar is the Solo sub.

Featuring a 300W amplifier and 10in downward-firing long-throw drive unit, the Solo sub has the power and capability to enhance the low frequency experience of music and movies.


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