Details surrounding the next generation Apple TV’s hardware have been revealed, with the iPhone manufacturer snubbing 4K streaming.

The fourth-generation Apple TV is set to be the main focus of Apple’s September 9 event, although a release is not expected until October.

While BuzzFeed managed to get its hands on details regarding the device’s software, 9to5Mac has managed to unearth information regarding the hardware.

Powering the fourth-gen Apple TV will be an A8 chipset, if rumours are to be believed, which is the same as the processor found inside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; although will reportedly not be present in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which are said to feature an A9 chip.

It is still a significant improvement for the Apple TV, which currently sports a single-core A5 chipset.

While Apple is known for thinner and smaller designs with each iteration, the Apple TV is set to get a larger body – most likely to make room for the improved innards.

Despite the larger body, inputs are said to remain the same; a single HDMI connector, a port for the power supply and a small USB port for troubleshooting and connecting to iTunes on a Mac.

Design-wise, the Apple TV will supposedly be taller and thicker than the current-generation model.

So what are users getting with the increased real estate? Well, 4K is not said to be one of the new features, as Apple has opted to keep its set-top box outputting at 1080p.

That is despite rumours suggesting the next-generation iPhones will support 4K video recording and the existence of an iMac with a 5K display.

While 4K streaming won’t be possible, the Apple TV will supposedly support a new App Store, thanks to its iOS 9 core.

It is currently believed that Apple will offer the fourth-gen set-top box in two flavours, an 8GB version and a 16GB version.

While that doesn’t sound like much storage, the reasons behind those two sizes is simple; mostly everything, apart from Apps and Games, will be streamed.

iOS 9 has also been designed to make App installs as small as possible – meaning users may not need that much storage after all.

Apple is expected to reveal the fourth-generation Apple TV on September 9.

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