Amazon may not have released the Echo in the UK just yet, but the product is doing very well in the US consumer-facing plug and play market and is now getting more functionality than ever before.

As part of the Echo SDK, developers have begun releasing their Apps onto Amazon’s ‘smart’ Bluetooth speaker – allowing the voice assistant, Alexa, to perform commands she previously could not perform.

Alexa can now control smart home devices via the Wink Hub, which includes an array of light bulbs and switches from the likes of Cree, Lutron and Leviton.

Amazon has also added support for Philips Hue lightbulbs, as well as switches and home appliances from Belkin’s plug and play WeMo line-up.

All of this functionality should help consumers get the most out of home automation systems installed within their homes – although Amazon has stated that this is just the beginning for Echo’s smart home functionality.

Any manufacturer can utilise the SDK to help Alexa become compatible with more devices.

Anyone wanting even more control over devices that may not yet be supported can also use IFTTT.

Alexa can now communicate with IFTTT; allowing the service to automate devices around a user’s home, whether or not the two devices are designed to work together.

Amazon’s Echo can now notify a user’s Philips Hue bulb to change into a multitude of colours when a certain song is player, or to tweet the song that is currently playing on the Bluetooth speaker.

Amazon has yet to announce a release date for its Echo speaker in the UK.

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