Optoma’s ZF2300 ‘advanced active’ 3D glasses sync with any Optoma Full 3D projector with a 3D-sync port using a radio frequency signal.

Meanwhile, the ZD302 glasses use DLP Link active shutter technology to automatically sync with an on-screen image. 

Developed in parallel with Optoma’s latest Full 3D projectors, the lightweight 3D glasses are adjustable and will fit over almost any pair of prescription glasses.

According to Optoma, the 3D glasses provide ‘improved contrast and brightness to give realistic depth and perspective’.

“3D entertainment comes alive with the new high specification glasses,” says Optoma’s head of product marketing, Justin Halls. “This means live sports, TV and movies can be enjoyed in 3D – making you feel part of the action.”

Support for 144Hz rapid refresh rate provides smooth flicker free images, and both rechargeable models boast a long battery life and an energy efficient auto power-off feature.

The new models replace the ZF2100 and ZD301 glasses, respectively. 


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