“The new 2015 Forté catalogue now includes a range of system layout diagrams to show the unique flexibility Forté offers to system designers,” explains Andrew Goldfinch, co-inventor of A-BUS technology.

“Forté systems can be designed to suit requirements from one to 50 rooms, single source or multi-room alternatives with the option of wired and/or wireless local audio inputs in every room.”

System diagrams include an example of a one-two room system to suit the fast growing MDU market, to an example of a large 11 room system including popular open plan requirements. 

In addition, there are diagrams showing how to select from the wide choice of main audio and local source inputs, including the Bluetooth module, which can be used either as a main source or local source.     

“Catering for modern homes with open plan living no longer suits standard 4 x 4 solutions, where more flexibility is required,” Andrew continues.

“The diagrams in the new catalogue show how easy it is to tailor Forté systems to individual room requirements and how simple and cost effective it is to install these exciting features.”

Forté Electronics is distributed by Aldous Systems (Europe) Ltd.

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