Gira launch international YouTube Channel

Gira, full-range supplier for intelligent building design and management, is bringing the latest smart building design and systems to a global audience with its new YouTube channel, Gira International.

With video fast becoming, the medium of choice for the internet and social media, Gira is proud to announce its brand new English-speaking International YouTube Channel is now live!

Offering UK customers the latest ideas to enable smart home living, while underlining the quality and utility of its extensive product range, the site promises to offer clarity and innovation with easy-to-understand videos about the smart home, Gira switches and sockets, product design and enjoying the latest sustainable technology so that users can save time, money and energy with the benefits of greater comfort and security.

Jacob Muijnck, Managing Director at Gira says, “As smart home pioneers continue to position themselves at the forefront of the developing UK property market, we feel it’s the right time to showcase what we offer on a global stage, offering a deeper insight for UK customers into our brand, products and services for the built environment.”

Jacob adds, “As our award-winning product solutions fulfil the brief for highly intuitive interior schemes that are intelligent and stylish by design, we have created an international channel for Gira customers via YouTube to educate and inspire. Taking our technical excellence to a new level of understanding, YouTube is recognised as the world’s most popular website second to Google with circa. 14 billion viewers a month and this is the reason we have chosen to join this platform and offer an ever-growing Gira video library for customers to explore and refer back to.”

Visitors can subscribe to the new Gira International YouTube Channel and start discovering the Gira philosophy and extensive product portfolio of smart building systems and solutions. It’s never been easier to keep up to date with the Gira brand and product ranges, with a complete video library covering:

•             Smart Home

•             Switches & Sockets

•             Door intercom systems

•             Product Design

•             Security

•             Brand & Company

•             Architecture & Reference projects

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