Gallo Acoustics Advances Towards EI Live! 2023

Colin Urie, Chief Commercial Officer – Pulse-Eight / Gallo Acoustics, says, “EI Live! 2023 in Farnborough is just around the corner, and we’re getting ready to showcase something special – our all-new on-wall speaker range, the Profile Series!

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“This marks the UK debut of our Profile Series, and we can’t wait to give local attendees a first look. Our team will be there to walk everyone through the features and details that set these on-wall speakers apart.”

Colin continues, “The Profile Series is designed to deliver both incredible audio quality and a sleek on-wall aesthetic. We’ve poured a ton of effort into creating speakers that not only sound amazing but also blend seamlessly with any space.

“Given your keen interest in audio, we thought you might want a preview of the Profile Series before the event kicks off. Our booth will be set up, and we’d be absolutely thrilled to have you visit us to experience the speakers in action. Our team will be available to chat, offer demos, and answer any questions you might have.”

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