Fyne Audio Launches SuperTrax At High End

Fyne Audio has launched SuperTrax super tweeter globally, added a contemporary black cosmetic and introduced the high-end SuperTrax SC1 cable at the High End Show. The UK brand also previewed ‘Special Production’ versions of its popular Vintage Classic Series: Vintage Classic Gold SP.

Fyne Audio demonstrates its most ambitious patented loudspeaker technology to date in SuperTrax, described as a revolutionary super tweeter with a unique Thin-Ply Carbon Diaphragm (TPCD) super-HF driver and tractrix profile diffuser.

SuperTrax is said to that eliminate traditional super tweeters’ narrowly focused beam directionality with 360-degree omnidirectional dispersion. Previewed at the UK’s Bristol Hi-Fi Show in February, Munich High End marked the official global launch. Models are available now in both traditional walnut veneers with gold anodised metalwork to complement the Vintage and Vintage Classic Series, as well as a contemporary gloss black and satin silver version to match Fyne’s F700 Series and popular black-finish loudspeakers from other manufacturers.

Munich also witnessed the launch of Fyne Audio’s new SuperTrax SC1 cable. Built in Glasgow, UK, alongside Fyne premium loudspeakers and SuperTrax super tweeters, the SC1 has been designed and engineered by Dr Paul Mills to elicit the very best performance from SuperTrax. The design uses high-purity OFC copper ribbon conductors to reduce magnetic eddy currents, improving ultra-HF performance and transient behaviour.

Optimised spacing using LPDE dielectric delivers exceptionally low capacitance and improved vibration damping. The SC1 incorporates a ground wire to reduce potential RFI in the signal is then Deep Cryogenically Treated in Fyne’s in-house DCT facility. This innovative process, used extensively for Fyne’s UK-made crossovers, reduces internal stresses and refines the crystal boundaries of the copper and solder joints, further improving performance. The cable is protected with a braided nylon sheath and supplied with high-quality, gold-plated Spade and Banana terminals in a presentation box.

Previewing at this year’s High-End show, the Vintage Classic Gold SP Series is presented as a genre-defining design, encompassing Dr Paul Mills ambition to build the finest sounding loudspeaker in a cabinet style from the Hi-Fi hey-days of his formative years. The result is an immaculately finished, retro-styled loudspeaker with cutting-edge audio performance, says the maker. It is Dr Mill’s Signature design, distilling his heart, music soul and decades of expertise into a loudspeaker Series that carries his signature on every cabinet.

Vintage Classic Gold SP has been created to bridge the gap between the simplified retro styling of the Vintage Classic Series loudspeakers and the High-End engineering and design concepts from the Vintage Series. Retaining the Classic rectangular cabinet shape, Gold SP (Special Production) brings high-density birch ply cabinet construction, IsoFlare drivers with improved neodymium tweeter and further revisions to the BassTrax 360-degree porting system for an even more refined and articulate bass.

The Gold SP Series will launch in Autumn 2024 in 8, 10, and 15 IsoFlare driver versions, with performance further enhanced through upgraded electronics. These will include fully Deep Cryogenically Treated (DCT) crossovers, upgraded internal wiring, and gold-plated ETI terminals, delivering state-of-the-art sound engineering in a design that pays tribute to the ‘golden age’ of Hi-Fi.

About SuperTrax

Moving beyond conventional forward-firing super tweeter design, the patented SuperTrax uses a thin-ply carbon diaphragm (TPCD) ultra-HF driver firing vertically onto a precision-engineered tractrix profile diffuser cone. The cone transforms the driver’s beam-like HF output into a radial 360-degree dispersion, delivering super high-frequency sound that preserves the harmonics and phase response of the point source IsoFlare driver, says the manufacturer.

The result is said to be a truly immersive experience with a tangible reality to the sound that better connects with the soul and passion of the replayed music. This new technology better aligns the loudspeaker’s performance to the instruments that it is required to reproduce, ensuring SuperTrax delivers sound closer than ever to how the artist intended.

Eliminating the break-up modes of metal dome tweeters, the TPCD driver technology with dome structure unique to Fyne Audio pushes the boundaries of material science in acoustic transducers, enabling extremely extended and highly linear upper-frequency response with extremely low distortion. The 25mm (1″) driver in SuperTrax has a typical in-room response (+/-6dB) from 16kHz – 60kHz and is suitable to pair with speakers up to 98dB/W sensitivity with a +/-3dB control for balancing with the main speaker.

The 360-degree dispersion cone with tractrix profile draws from Fyne’s expertise with its patented BassTrax technology, the 360-degree LF speaker porting system found in all premium Fyne loudspeakers. The SuperTrax design concept achieved a patent in January 2024, adding to Fyne’s growing list of patented technologies.

The Vintage SuperTrax model has been crafted to echo the real wood veneers, metalwork and sumptuous grain of retro-styled loudspeakers, SuperTrax has been developed with Fyne’s Vintage and Vintage Classic Series in mind as perfect partners. The piano gloss black version with aluminium metalwork has been designed cosmetically to partner with Fyne’s F700 and F700SP Series IsoFlare-based loudspeakers but is equally suitable for use with any third-party loudspeaker with a flat top section for SuperTrax placement.

Dr Paul Mills, concludes, “We understand how subwoofers extend the low-frequency response and improve the whole sound stage; extending high frequencies also has several benefits, such as bringing realism, air, and life to the music across all frequencies. Combining our IsoFlare driver with the new Fyne Audio SuperTrax delivers a 360-degree immersive stereo listening experience audio like no other.”

Launch dates and pricing

Manufactured, tested and hand-finished in Fyne’s Glasgow, UK factory, SuperTrax and the SC1 cable are available now, Vintage Classic Gold SP will launch in Autumn 2024

SuperTrax Walnut

Price: GPB 3,499,99 / EURO 3,999,99 / US$ 4,599,99 – per pair

SuperTrax Gloss Black

Price: GPB 2,999,99 / EURO 3,499,99 / US$ 3,999,99 – per pair

SC1 Cable

Price: GPB 349,99 / EURO 399,99 / US$ 449,99 – per pair

Vintage Classic Gold SP Series

Prices: TBC (Autumn 2024 – c. between Vintage Classic and Vintage pricing)

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