To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Focal has released the limited collection Symphonie 40th, which is a luxury case that comes complete with Utopia and Stellia headphones. Only 40 will be available worldwide.  

Symphonie 40th is designed to offer two sensational listening experiences. The Utopia open-back headphones can be used with the Focal Arche DAC and amplifier, both of which are made in France and designed to offer the very best home audio listening experience.  For listening on-the-go, the Stellia closed-back headphones can be partnered with the Questyle QPM high-definition audio player.

For total user convenience and to take full advantage of the products’ performance, specific cables for each listening type are included: a 4-pin balanced Litz XLR cable to connect the Utopia to the Arche, whilst a 03/16” (4.4mm) jack cable links the Stellia’s to the Questyle player. 

Two other cables are included, allowing users to connect the Utopia’s to the player (mini jack adapter) and the Stellia’s to the Arche (XLR cable).  To keep the headphones safe, a sumptuously designed carrying case is also included, so you can take your headphones with you wherever you go in total safety.

Focal has adorned the box with Macassar ebony veneer, while the inside of the case is lined with beige microfibre. The metal clasps and side handles round off this luxury piece.

The Focal Symphonie 40th is available now with a UK SRP of £13,999 including VAT.

What’s included:

1 x pair Focal Utopia Open-back Headphones

1 x pair Focal Stellia Closed-back Headphones

1 x Focal Arche DAC/Headphone Amplifier

1 x Questyle QPM Portable Music Player

4 x headphone cables

1 x Luxury Macassar Ebony Veneer Storage Trunk

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