Designing and documenting a fully featured and functional smart home system poses challenges in terms of both difficulty and time consumption. 

“From my experience as a system integrator, meeting the demands for design and documentation within the allocated time and budget was often a struggle,” says Keith Jones, Co-Founder and User Experience Designer, designflow. “At times, compromises had to be made, especially in this most crucial aspect of any smart home system.”

To learn more about designflow’s built-in design service, visit stand 2G800 at ISE 2024 and speak to Keith Jones. 

The first 10 integrators (whether they are existing clients or not) signing up for built-in design at ISE will automatically be set up with a new maximum discount rate of 30% for their entire first year. 

The client is also extending the same offer to the first 10 WeQuote users signing up for built-in design, along with some additional perks exclusive to WeQuote users. 

“Contrary to the belief held by many system integrators, including myself at that time, consumers investing in smart home systems are not necessarily seeking the cheapest solution,” says Keith. “They understand that poorly performing technology leads to frustration and eventual abandonment. If clients are unaware of this, it falls upon us as system integrators to educate them using practical examples. For instance, nearly everyone has experienced trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

“I founded designflow to assist system integrators in delivering the necessary design and documentation for any smart home system, regardless of complexity. We offer example projects that system integrators can use to justify accurate design fees, covering the time and expertise required for proper design and documentation, all whilst maintaining a reasonable profit margin.

“Through the ‘productisation’ of our design and documentation service, we streamline the process for system integrators to present design fees to their clients. Our new built-in design service, launching at ISE, incorporates the correct design fees directly into the proposal or bid prepared by the system integrator before presenting it to the client.

“The beauty of our built-in design service lies in us handling the challenging and time-consuming work, allowing system integrators to allocate time to other aspects of their business or engage with clients, both existing and potential. This ensures that clients receive top-notch design and documentation, facilitating a smooth and trouble-free installation for everyone involved.

“After project completion, our documentation is updated with any adjustments made during installation, compiled into an aesthetically pleasing A3 book, and presented to the satisfied client.”

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