F.A.Z.-Institut has awarded DoorBird an innovative leader award. As a manufacturer of smart IP access control systems, DoorBird ranked among the top companies in the category of Smart Home Solutions Provider. 

A crucial factor in how customers decide to buy something is how well the products meet their needs, and that’s why companies should steadily invest in research and development to introduce innovations to the market.

In collaboration with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), the F.A.Z.-Institut carried out a study on this subject and determined who Germany’s innovative leaders are through social media listening. 

“We were happy to have already received the award for Highest Quality last year,” says Sascha Keller, CEO of Bird Home Automation GmbH. 

“In order to satisfy diverse customer needs, we regularly add new products to our portfolio. No matter if it’s a new type of keyless entry or new materials and colours for our door intercoms, we find the solutions our customers need for a variety of requirements.”

Bird Home Automation GmbH develops and manufactures IP-based video door intercoms, access control devices, indoor stations and accessories under the DoorBird brand. 

The company’s headquarters and production plant are in Berlin, Germany, with sales offices in San Francisco (CA) and Jacksonville (FL), USA. 

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