Pulse Cinemas ISE Tour Returns!

Miguel Soto, new business development managerMike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas MDSimon Gibbs, technical and service supportSimon Schino, internal sales manager at Pulse CinemasStephen Carr, UK brand ambassador - KaleidescapeThe tour will return to De Biertuin Prinsengracht Ben Lancaster, UK sales development manager

After the success of the Pulse Cinemas ISE Tour initiative for the 2019 show, the team is planning to repeat the endeavour, making it bigger, better and bolder than ever before.

ISE continues to grow at an impressive rate. Each year the show gets larger and packed out with yet more companies looking to catch the eye of installers. 2020 will be the last show at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam as the event moves to the larger Gran Via, part of the Fira de Barcelona exhibition complex.

To mark this auspicious occasion and wave a fond farewell to what has been the show’s home for many years, Pulse Cinemas is planning to deliver another guided tour to the event making sure that the company’s AV and cinema focused customers get the absolute maximum value out of any visit.

One of the undoubted consequences of the growth of ISE is that as the show gets physically larger it can be a real challenge to plan a successful trip and find all of the companies and demonstrations that are of the most value.

Pulse Cinemas has come up with a solution to that challenge with its guided tour initiative. Basically, installers sign up to the tour, pick a time and brand schedule that suits them from the list of choices and then all they have to do is show up at the appointed time and place.

At this point the Pulse Cinemas team take over and guide the group around the show providing insights and special demonstrations only available on the tour. What is more, the company also provides a free of charge top night out into the bargain.

Taking the lead on a big chunk of this initiative for the 2019 run was Internal Sales Manager Simon Schino, and once again for 2020, Simon is heavily involved and explained some of the fresh ideas for next year’s tour.

Simon Schino (right) led the tour earlier this year

“We want to build on what we achieved last time with a chance to learn more about the brands and the products that will be featured at the show. We have learnt lots from the success of our recent Pulse Cinemas Golf Invitational, a totally packed out event that really underlined what great conversations can come about when the Pulse Cinemas team and our customers all get together.

So expect the 2020 event to feel even more like an ‘exclusive tour’. Our dealer/installers will be offered some unique branded clothing, which is only available to tour attendees. We are still adding other exciting aspects to the tour, which will be revealed as the event draws closer.”

Simon add, “A big success last year was the night Pulse Cinemas installers got to spend at one of Amsterdam’s best bars and eateries, De Biertuin Prinsengracht. We are returning to this fantastic venue again for 2020, which delivers some of the best food in the city with its fantastic menu of its spit roasted chicken, burgers and spare ribs.

“The venue is also famous for its collection of beers, stocking over 120 of the world’s best. The difference this year is that Pulse Cinemas is taking over not just a big section of the venue, but the whole place! It’s going to be another big night for Pulse customers to enjoy and remember.”


For those unfamiliar with the concept, last time’s event consisted of a specific timetable being created for different days of the show taking in differing parts of the Pulse Cinemas line up.

2020’s tour schedule is being drawn up right now, but basically all Pulse Cinemas customers need to do is wait for their invite for the tour to arrive, so eyes on the sky for that one, and then pick the dates, times and brands that most suit their priorities from the different schedules provided.

Not only does the concept make it easier to find the brands and products you want to interact with, the idea is that there is no wasted effort, as the brand managers for the different companies on the tour know the group is coming and have blocked out time especially to talk to Pulse Cinemas dealers. No more wasted trips to the stand to discover the demo is full or the person you want to speak to is on lunch or talking to someone else.

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas MD, explains, “It’s really easy for distributors to claim that they add value, it’s a different game entirely to back that up convincingly. ISE is one of the chances where we really get to deliver something unique to our customers which transforms what can be a really challenging event to fully exploit, to one where all you have to do is sign up, come with an open mind and then you get to learn a whole chunk of info useful to your next projects and network with your peers, and the whole Pulse Cinemas team too.

“With this being the last show at Amsterdam, we are determined to make it the best yet, and keep on building for when the show moves to Barcelona. Be in no doubt, we are planning on making the Pulse Cinemas ISE Tour one of the most talked about events at the show for next year and beyond.”


Pulse Cinema’s team of brand and technology experts will be on hand to take you around each tour, provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and also introduce you to the key people at each stand. The tours are suitable for established Pulse dealers, but also act as a great introduction to the company.

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