Following the success of Integrated Systems Europe and Integrated Systems Russia, a new event in Mumbai, India, has been announced called AV Integrated Systems Expo, or AV-ISE for short. AV-ISE has nothing to do with the organisers of the other two events, however, forcing Integrated Systems Events to distance itself from the Mumbai show.

AV-ISE was born as an expansion to the popular PALM Expo, which is a trade show dedicated to the sound and lighting industries in India. One of the event’s main organisers is well-known in the UK and Europe, as it produces major exhibitions such as BETT, the ed-tech event.

Integrated Systems Events, the organiser of Integrated Systems Europe and Integrated Systems Russia, isn’t too pleased by the name of the new Indian exhibition. In a statement, the company noted, “They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We put a lot of time, resource and effort into creating a show experience at Integrated Systems Europe that is second to none. We trust that, when deciding whether to attend any given show, AV and systems integration professionals will look beyond the chosen name and make their own judgements.”

While it stopped short of criticising the use of the ISE name, Integrated Systems Events did want to make clear that it had no connection with the Mumbai event. The company said that it was forced to make a statement to ensure that visitors and exhibitors were not confused between the shows it offers and the one produced by ITE.

ISE will take place once again in Amsterdam in 2020, while AV-ISE will open on May 30, 2019 in Mumbai, India.

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