Elipson Heritage Expands With XLS11

Elipson Audio has announced the latest addition to the Heritage line of speakers. The brand new XLS11 model joins its larger sibling, the XLS15 to create a duo of speakers that reflect today’s vintage feel of styling and design.

The XLS11 brings performance elements from the XLS15 and combines them with a more compact form factor to give further flexibility when integrating the speakers into the home.

While the aesthetic of the XLS11 is most definitely vintage the performance side of this loudspeaker is anything but, says the maker. The 3-way speaker is a bass reflex design with a front-firing flared port. It features a brand new 2.2in domed drive unit for the midrange and for the high frequencies a 0.87in silk dome tweeter which is derived from Elipson’s flagship Prestige. Handling the bass is yet another new driver this time an 8in unit being an evolution of the XLS15’s 12in woofer.

As with the XLS15, the XLS11 has the additional flexibility of a fine adjustment on the front of the speaker. This can tune the amplitude of mid and high frequencies by + or – 2dB to allow for variables in the listeners room.

Musicality and performance were key when developing the XLS11, this is reflected in the speed and control of the drive units across the frequencies giving a pleasure and enjoyment to all genres of music.

The dedicated stand is designed to position the speaker at the optimal height and angle to give perfect acoustic phasing. It is available at additional cost. The XLS11 speakers are designed and engineered in Burgundy. XLS11 speaker – £1,499.99 per pair, Stands – £249.99 per pair. The Elipson XLS11 speakers and stands are available now from, UK distributor is Avoke.

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