Elipson Aims For Infinity Future

The Infinite Series is a new range of high performance, dedicated home theatre speakers from French maker Elipson.

Made in the company’s own factory in in France, the Infinite Series includes three different speakers offering a solution for dedicated viewing rooms.

Elipson says its designers and acousticians have created a powerful combination of high quality audio and sleek design in a slim, easy to install cabinet that befits the family’s flagship status.

The Infinite LCRS14 speaker is for front, side and surround channels whilst the Infinite SR8 can be used as a surround channel speaker for smaller rooms, or as an in-ceiling speaker. The Infinite Sub12 is a passive sub-woofer designed to complement to the LCRS14s.

High performance drivers consist of a non-resonant diaphragm design tweeter for minimum high frequency break up and low distortion.

Elipson says this bespoke drive unit also provides wide dispersion characteristics, together with high levels of accuracy, rich detail and precision. The dome design also minimises cone resonance and a compression chamber combats reflection for improved dynamics.

The mid/bass drivers feature a lightweight but rigid Rohacell foam and carbon fibre sandwich 170mm cone for optimal stiffness/damping ratio.

The driver is designed to produce a wide dynamic range with clear timbres and a deep soundstage. The low damping rubber surround also improves transient response.

The sub only bass drivers are 300mm dual rigid aluminum structures for very deep bass and strong physical impact without saturation.

The 76mm voice coil with central demodulation ring reduces distortion at high volume whilst the neodymium motor provides 1000W peak power for low frequencies extending down to 28Hz @ -3dB.

Construction on all Infinite speaker cabinets feature a reinforced internal structure with acoustic damping treatment, to avoid resonance at high volumes and withstand high acoustic pressure levels.

They can be installed on-wall or on-ceiling or in-wall and in-ceiling, using brackets and inlays/templates supplied.

The cabinets are finished with a satin black frontage and a black tinted brushed aluminum panel for discrete integration or for use behind an acoustically transparent screen. Connections are via Line or Speakon connectors.

Elipson will also be supplying an Infinte A1000 Monoral 1000W Class D Amp (4 Ω) to maximise the power of the Infinite Sub 12s with balanced and unbalanced low level inputs for the discrete LFE channels.

Elipson’s new Infinite Series are now available in the UK at SRPs of £1,549 for the Infinite 14s, £899 for the Infinite 8s and £1,549 for the Infinite Sub12. The forthcoming Infinite A1000 Amp with be £1,349.

The products are available in the UK from Avoke and LGL (Lee Goldbold Ltd)

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