Ceratec Audio Design GmbH has announced a return to the UK and Ireland through an exclusive arrangement with Aldous Systems (Europe) Ltd for distribution of its Cerasonar range of hidden speakers, subwoofer, amplification and install accessories.

The range topping 9062 Ultimate model will have its first play of the new arrangement at EI Live! 2021, with a brand-new dealer demonstration space scheduled for late 2021 as part of Aldous Systems recent relocation. Register for the show right here.

Director of Marketing and Brand Management at Aldous System , Damien Winters, says, “Cerasonars hidden audio solution provides a fantastic range addition for our partners who have been asking us to fill this gap in our portfolio for the last few years and is a great fit for the custom install market in the growing hidden audio segment. The Cerasonar team have over 40yrs of design experience and a passion for their product we wanted to bring to our customers.”

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