CEDIA has developed a comprehensive, in-person professional development programme that the team will deliver across the four-day show. It is the 20th anniversary of the world’s leading audiovisual and systems integration exhibition and CEDIA is excited to bring a wide range of brand-new training courses to attendees.

CEDIA hosted courses at ISE 2024


Tuesday 30 January – Friday 2 February | Location CC1

At the annual Smart Home Technology Conference, CEDIA is offering nearly 60 hours of courses, with subject matter experts delving into various areas, including technical installation and design, business excellence, and future trends, all within the context of home technology integration.

Here are a few ‘can’t miss’ courses


AI Threats & Cybersecurity for Smart Home Professionals

•        Time: 12:30 – 14:00    

•        Location: CC1.2

•        Presenter: Jeff Sonnleitner

Explore the intricacies of network security, data protection, and threat mitigation, and the immediate and evolving dangers enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) large language models.       


Harmonizing Innovation: Embracing a New Era of Technology While Remaining Grounded in Humanity

•        Time: 10:30 – 12:00    

•        Location: CC1.2

•        Presenter: Rich Green

Artificial Intelligence, social media, and the rapid news cycle have proven valuable in quickly communicating information to the masses, but this “always on” mentality can be overwhelming. In this session, Rich Green will discuss the phenomenon of slow technology and how to create nurturing, sustainable environments for clients that strike the perfect balance of innovation and humane living.        


Immersive Audio Design Excellence Workshop

•        Time: 12:30 – 14:00    

•        Location: CC1.1

•        Presenter: Peter Aylett, Ben Goff, Adam Pelz

This workshop will introduce new guidelines outlined in the CEDIA/CTA RP22 Immersive Audio System Design Recommended Practice, with a focus on the four new objectively defined levels of performance that will define different levels of immersive experience. Participants will be working in small groups to apply some of the guidelines to real-world rooms.


CEDIA will be offering ISE attendees certification testing opportunities onsite. The Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT) and Integrated Systems Technician (IST) certifications demonstrate to other trades, customers, and lawmakers that the home technology industry is a clearly defined profession with rigorous, widely accepted criteria for competency.


Tuesday 30 January – Friday 2 February | Hall 2, CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage

The Smart Home Technology Stage is a dynamic platform featuring an extensive array of free sessions, providing attendees with a wealth of invaluable insights, stimulating discussions, and unparalleled learning and networking opportunities. With a diverse range of topics on the docket, spanning technology, design, business strategies, human interactions, and the future landscape of smart homes, this annual event is a treasure trove of knowledge.

CEDIA will be hosting its Annual Meeting at 4 p.m on Wednesday at the Smart Home Technology Stage. Key CEDIA representative will present members with updates on topics including financials, membership, certification, RP22, and the NextGen initiative. 


Friday 2 February | Room C1.1

In a new development this year, CEDIA has joined forces with AVIXA to introduce the one-day Sustainability Workshop. This session aims to encourage delegates to collaborate in considering the repercussions of global crises, such as climate change and nature loss, and explore potential solutions together. It will be highly interactive, and attendees are invited to follow along with an accompanying workbook for each exercise.


The CEDIA Conference Pass is available to both CEDIA members and non-members and provides entry to all the CEDIA education sessions during the show. The Conference Pass is available for pre-booking before 29th January (€315 for members and €450 for non-members) or on-site at the show (€410 for members and €585 for non-members). Alternatively, individual courses can be booked on an à la carte basis for those with more limited time. 


CEDIA will host a ‘Connection Hour’ in the CEDIA booth (2H500) at 5 p.m. from Tuesday and Thursday. CEDIA will also hold a Members’ Reception on Wednesday at 6 p.m at Nuclo Restaurant.

To find out more about the courses that CEDIA is running and to book your place, visit here.

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