BT Whole Home Wi-Fi is promising to do for the UK what Google Wi-Fi is currently doing for the US – to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots in the homes of the modern consumer.

Google Wi-Fi was announced in October 2016, although Google has thus far not commented on a UK release date. BT is getting ahead of the search engine giant’s entry into the market however, with its system reportedly the first in the UK that promises to effectively eliminate dead spots with ease.

The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system comprises of three compact, 165mm disc-shaped devices that can be placed around a user’s home to extend their Wi-Fi signal. Each disc features four built-in antenna and should offer enough oomph to ensure every inch of even a larger home is covered with Wi-Fi.

BT says that the new system has been designed to be as consumer-friendly as possible. Once installed the software will take care of the network on its own, communicating with any Wi-Fi device to intelligently determine which disc will provide the best signal. The company is also releasing a companion app for those who like to have control over their Wi-Fi.

In addition to the standard features one would expect with a Wi-Fi extender, BT’s system also has additional functionality that should satisfy parents. This includes the ability to monitor who is online, how the network is being used and even pause the connection when the kids should be asleep, rather than playing Call of Duty.

The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi system is available now for £299.99.

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