Bluesound has announced the addition its listening options with a Stereo Surround mode for Bluesound Pulse Soundbar and Powernode models with the BluOS 3.12 maintenance released November 24, 2020.

Pulse Soundbar 2i with Pulse SUB+ subwoofer Bluesound owners using the home theatre group setting will now have the option of using the Stereo Surround mode. Using proprietary technology borrowed from sister brand NAD, Stereo Surround mixes two-channel sources into the rear surrounds of a home theatre group, generating an immersive and natural-sounding surround field. Fans of two-channel sound might enjoy experimenting with the user activated BluOS Stereo Surround listening mode to maximize their surround sound listening experience. Stereo Surround extracts the natural ambience present in nearly all well-produced stereo recordings. It does not synthesize any ambience or other sonic elements and thus remains truer to the sound of the original recording than most other home entertainment surround options. The Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i and Powernode 2i each offer options for users to create a complete wireless home theatre system that provides a true-to-life sonic experience. “More and more customers are looking for high-quality, wireless, surround sound options for everyday listening,” says Matt Simmonds, Bluesound Product Manager. “Using Stereo Surround provides customers a subtle but highly natural and believable ambience from the surround channels, creating an immersive experience even when playing two-channel content.”

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