AWE has expanded its product portfolio by introducing HDMI cables from HDanywhere, in a move that strengthens the company’s position in the cable market.

With the combination of SlimWire, Platina and ActiveWire, AWE believes that its new partnership with HDanywhere will ensure that the company can provide a suitable cable for every installation.

SlimWire’s unique selling point is all about being smaller than its competitors, with the company claiming that it has a 50% smaller profile than most brands.

Not only is SlimWire’s cable smaller than its competitors, it’s also compatible with all HDMI devices and 3D capable.

SlimWire is available in a variety of sizes from 1m to 5m, being specifically engineered with thin flat panel displays in mind.

Other products in the range include the Platina and ActiveWire, both of which promise to be more advanced than the SlimWire.

The Platina range feature High Speed HDMI cables with Ethernet and audio return. Despite this bump in performance, this is one of HDanywhere’s smallest 4K Ultra HD ready HDMI cable.

Installers will be able to get the Platina range in sizes between 0.5m and 5m.

HDanywhere’s most advanced cables come from the ActiveWire range, with the company guaranteeing a steady signal even at long lengths.

Some standard HDMI cables are only effective up to 8m, but HDanywhere believes that its in-line signal boosting chop enables the same data rate delivery as short HDMI cables, up to a cable length of 25m.

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