ATEN’s Video Matrix (VM) Seamless Switch Series has won the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015 for its ‘intuitive and user-friendly’ interface design.

It was selected from 7,451 entries from 53 countries.

Designed with the user in mind, ATEN’s VM Seamless Switch Series is a professional AV solution for video wall and digital signage applications.

The company says that its user-friendly interface reduces the complexity associated with configuring and controlling video walls and digital signage.

Equipped with ATEN’s unique scalers and seamless switch engines, the VM Seamless Switch Series should deliver quick and precise video without visible delays.

When creating a video wall for digital signage application, imagining the complex relationships between the configuration, setup and final display is difficult.

With the VM Seamless Switch Series, the integrator has an interface which mirrors the video wall – so what you see is what you get.

With this, they can arrange the on-screen simulation to match the physical setup conditions.

This includes: the display layout, bezel dimensions, input source to output connections and location.

The VM Seamless Switch Series also has a custom-designed user-friendly virtual dashboard to remotely control a video wall with simple click-and-go actions from a laptop or tablet.

Up to 32 connection profiles can be created and scheduled for display in advance, or switched in real-time, making them perfect for all video wall and digital signage switching scenarios.

The VM Seamless Switch Series includes four models that feature the award-winning user interface: the VM5808H, VM5404H, VM1600, and VM6404H.

These models route from four to 16 video sources to four to 16 video displays.

The VM6404H not only features the Red Dot Award-winning interface but is also claimed to be the industry’s first true 4K seamless switch.

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