ATEN has revealed two seamless instant matrix switches with built-in video wall functionality, with the company claiming that it’s a first for the industry.

The VM5808 is the first instant 8×8 HDMI matrix switch, while the VM5404 is the first instant 4×4 HDMI switch.

According to ATEN, up until now switching video material to and from various sources across multiple disparate display systems or within large video walls has caused delays marked by temporary blank screens.

The company believes it has a solution for any potential embarrassing or, in the case of security systems, dangerous situations.

ATEN’s new seamless VM switch range claims to provide the fastest video switching on the market, with features including live streaming, ability to capture real-time visuals from multiple angles, instant remote video wall management and high-quality video transmission across relatively long distances.

Within the HDMI arena, the VM5808 enables you to control up to eight video sources and eight displays, while the VM5404 has the capacity for four sources and four displays. Both seamless instant switch systems have built-in video wall functionality.

Along with every other product in ATEN’s VM range, the company’s engine promises to ensure that video switching takes place within a fraction of a second.

The VM5808 and VM5404 all have built-in scaling intelligence that adjusts video formats to optimise display resolutions on a range of outputs, which aims to provide a consistent, high-quality viewing experience across a range of devices.

These digital matrix switches support resolutions up to 1080p, 1920×1200@60Hz, Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio.

Both the VM5808 and VM5404 are available now with prospective customers encouraged to get in contact with ATEN to learn more.

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