Ask UMA, the global software platform based in Halifax, UK has announced its participation at ISE 2024, coinciding with the launch of its all-new Vision Core software.

Stephen Milner, CTO and Founder of Ask UMA confirms: “We are thrilled to be introducing Ask UMA Vision Core, which we very much see as the future of Intelligent Building Management.”

Ask UMA Vision Core is designed to be a revolutionary step in the integration of Building Management Systems (BMS) and access control systems. Ask UMA Vision Core elevates the Ask UMA platform by seamlessly interfacing with a client’s existing infrastructure. 

It enables companies to devise dynamic, intelligent strategies for their building’s operation, all driven by live data from bookings, occupancy sensors and Ask UMA’s extensive range of ESG sensors. This ensures that companies are correctly utilising all their existing and future investments in space and building, saving the End User large amounts of money, and helping those companies maximise their assets on the drive to Net Zero.

The Ask UMA Vision Core claims to go way beyond being a mere smart server; it is designed to act as the epicentre of a building’s efficiency. Utilising “cutting-edge ethical” AI, it analyses usage patterns and sentiment to autonomously refine processes, ensuring that a client’s space is not only optimally used, but also aligns with the needs and preferences of its users.

Rachel Swann, CEO at Ask UMA adds: “The strength of Ask UMA Vision Core lies in its ability to turn data into actionable insights. Whether it’s optimising energy usage, streamlining space utilisation, or enhancing the overall user experience, our intelligent AI diligently works to render your building smarter, more responsive, and cost-effective.

“Ask UMA Vision Core is a game-changer for organisations seeking to retrofit their existing setup and consider future investments in space. It’s about more than just merging technology; it’s about reimagining how you interact with your space. It’s about transforming your building from just a workplace into a dynamic, adaptive, and evolving environment.”

The company is demonstrating this new era of intelligent building management at ISE 2024 in Hall 5, Booth 5C220.

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