A C-view 2.1 From Chord Company

Chord Company has launched C-view 2.1, a next-generation HDMI 2.1 cable for today’s 4K and 8K screens offering 48 Gbps support from £30.

The C-view 2.1, which starts from £30, is a ‘full bandwidth’ cable with all-new features, plus the legendary Chord Company quality, says its creator.  

The new C-view 2.1 HDMI directly replaces its predecessor and represents a complete overhaul of the original design. The cable benefits from full bandwidth 48 Gbps support, HDMI 2.1’s maximum data rate, with a resolution of 8K at 60 Hz or 4K at 120 Hz. It also supports Dynamic HDR, HDCP 2.2, HDMI eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel), 3D, plus all HDMI audio formats.

 Chord Company has also upgraded the new C-view 2.1 HDMI’s physical properties, to enable the extra bandwidth needed for the higher-resolution 2.1 standard. Both the cable’s conductor and insulation have been improved, along with refinements to the shielding to further protect the higher-data-rate signal-transmission in the latest HDMI 2.1 specification.

Externally, the C-view 2.1 benefits from a new HDMI plug which has been redesigned and features improved shielding via an aluminium outer skin. The plug also features better internal conductor routing, plus mechanical damping from a PE filler.

C-view 2.1 joins three other high-performance HDMI cables from the Wiltshire connection specialist, the Clearway HDMI, plus the Shawline HDMI and Epic HDMI, both of which are AOC (Active Optical Cable) models.

 Doug Maxwell, Chord Company’s Sales Director enthuses, “We’re thrilled to introduce a Chord Company-quality HDMI cable of this specification at such an accessible price point. We’ve put our 37 years of experience behind our AV range and this highly affordable newcomer offers home cinema fans next-generation Chord Company tech for less.

“It neatly expands our HDMI cable offerings which currently comprise our higher-performance Clearway, Shawline and Epic models. Now there’s a latest-generation Chord Company HDMI cable whatever the budget.”

The C-view 2.1 HDMI is available now: 0.75 m (£30); 1 m (£35); 1.5 m (£40); 2m (£45); 3m (£55).

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