Wireworld Release New Stellar 48 Optical HDMI Cable

Wireworld's new high-performance cable SSH/angle.tif, 4/23/08, 10:59 AM, 8C, 2554x4856 (2168+1968), 100%, TAURUS, 1/15 s, R69.4, G64.8, B106.2

Wireworld Cable Technology, respected high-performance audio and video cables maker, announces the release of the Stellar 48™, a UHS certified fiber optic HDMI cable.

These extended-range cables feature Wireworld’s newly developed VIVIDTECH system, which reduces noise for improved picture and sound quality. Stellar 48 also uses the highest quality laser modules and driver chips to maximize performance and provide long term reliability while supporting the 48Gbps data rate required for next generation 8K video applications, explains the maker.

“The VIVIDTECH system improves signal purity, enabling Stellar 48 to provide the most lifelike picture and sound quality in long length Ultra-High Speed HDMI cables,” comments Wireworld designer and President, David Salz.

Wireworld’s goal for Stellar 48 was to create a fibre optic HDMI cable that advances the state-of-the-art in picture quality while providing extreme reliability. To accomplish that goal, the company says Stellar 48 uses world-class technology, materials and construction techniques. The newly developed and proprietary VIVIDTECH system reduces video pixel noise for improvements in edge definition and colour saturation. Stellar 48’s laser modules are made by the American company II-VI, a leading supplier of lasers for the most demanding applications.

Likewise, the driver chipset is produced by the German company, Silicon-Line, a leader in microchip technology. The cable’s four optical fibres are of the superior OM3 laser-optimised grade. The cable structure features double-thickness shields and several high strength Kevlar fibre bundles for increased durability and freedom from interference. With these world-class components and the VIVIDTECH system, Stellar 48 provides cutting edge performance and superior long-term value.

Stellar 48 supports all HDMI2.1 features and capabilities, including HDR10+, HDCP2.3, Ethernet, Enhanced ARC and Deep Colour. To ease installation, the durable die-cast zinc plugs feature the narrow width of 18mm/0.7in, so they can be pulled through common size electrical conduit. Stellar 48 is also UL-CMP/FT6 plenum rated for residential and commercial installations. UK SRP is from £400 (1m) and are available to order now.

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