Lears International has announced that it will be offering extensive discounts at EI Live! 2018, with the company announcing that there could be as much as £449 off some products.

Confirming the show deals exclusively to CE Pro Europe, Lears International revealed that it would be offering the following products at a heavily discounted rate:

DreamScreen 4K CI Screen LED Backlighting Controller

The DreamScreen 4K Hub connects to LED light strips that are placed behind a television. This enlarges the image being viewed and adds depth to the content. At EI Live! 2018, the DreamScreen 4K Hub will be available for £100, a £50 saving on its usual RRP.

Morel SP3 Flagship Satellite Speakers

The Morel SP3 flagship satellite speakers offer powerful stereo sound from a compact package. Typically, the speakers are priced at £395 each, although at EI Live! 2018 they will be just £150 each.

Morel SP2 Audiophile Satellite Speakers

Like the Morel SP3, the SP2 offers a surprising sound for such a compact speaker. It may be slightly smaller, but that’s reflected in the price. Typically, it’s priced at £295 each, while at EI Live! 2018 it will be £95 each.

Motorised Down & Over Fireplace, TV Mount with RF remote

This motorised down and over fireplace TV mount with RF remote allows installers to integrate a TV above a fireplace, and yet still have it displayed at an acceptable level that wouldn’t lead to neckache. This model is typically priced at £999, although at EI Live! 2018 it will be £550.

Manual Recessed/Slimline Down & Over Fireplace, TV Mount

Those not wanting to spend the extra money on a motorised system, a manual recessed down & over fireplace TV mount is also available, in addition to a manual slimline down & over fireplace TV mount. At EI Live! 2018 these will be priced at £400 and £350, respectively. That’s a saving on the £750 and £650 RRP.

iRemote Control – Trade Introductory Bundle

A combined package of control hardware (control up to three infrared devices) and an initial iPad or iPhone software licence worth £125 & £150, respectively. This will be priced at £137.50 at the show, down from the £270 RRP.

The above special show prices exclude VAT at 20%, are subject to stock availability and carry Lears International’s standard terms and conditions of sale. These prices are only valid if products are ordered during the time of the show.

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