CasaTunes is partnering with HDL to bring Buspro automation control to the company’s line-up of multi-mode music servers.

The HDL Automation Driver for CasaTunes allows dealers to design in CasaTunes systems to control and supply music to the HDL Buspro Automation Solutions. 

“Music forms the soundtrack to our lives. With HDL and CasaTunes, homeowners can completely incorporate any soundtrack into their home,” says James Zeng, the vice president of HDL.

“The integration of CasaTunes with HDL Automation lets our dealers and distributors have a great whole house audio option to offer their clients with an enhanced interactive user experience.”

In addition to music, HDL residential automation solutions can control a homeowners’ lighting, heating, curtains and more through a range of wall switches and for remote-control through a smart-phone and tablet app.

The HDL system is designed to be hidden from view, while the control panels come in a variety of colours, styles and finishes to fit contemporary decor. The technology is designed to be completely unobtrusive, while complimenting the design and providing homeowners with convenience, security and energy efficiency.

The system can be programmed to ‘follow’ a user as they move through different rooms. The system can also be integrated with the security solutions so when the homeowner is away and a sensor is tripped ‘active home sounds’ are played to give the illusion someone is there.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for dealers to add CasaTunes and our integration with HDL Automation allows dealers to include CasaTunes with home automation and control installations,” says Steve Guerra, VP sales of CasaTunes.

“Also, our driver makes it easy for homeowners to play and listen to music throughout the house using the familiar HDL Automation interface devices.”

All music servers include all the features CasaTunes is known for, including CasaTunes QuickSync, CasaTunes Air, Audiophile and Hi-Fidelity CD quality music and extensive home automation control system integration. 

CasaTunes QuickSync discovers, indexes and plays networked music residing on any PC, Mac or storage device. CasaTunes Air enables streaming of any music service from the native App on any iPhone or iPad.

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