World-Class Cinema Room

Aktivworld created this cutting-edge basement home cinema room that not only achieved, but exceeded the homeowner’s expectations with the help of KEF, Epson and Marantz all supplied via specialist distributor AWE.   

Aktivworld Ltd is a home technology integration company established in 2016 and is run by Kevan Mcloughlin. Based in Worthing, West Sussex, Aktivworld is a CEDIA member and provides home technology services covering smart home solutions, multi-room AV, distributed music systems, home cinema, and home networking.

Kevan says, “We pride ourselves on strong client relationships and attention to detail to deliver a truly unique state-of-the-art installations.

“As each new project is unique in terms of requirements and budget, it is essential to understand the clients vision of the completed project. To achieve this, the first thing is to listen to the client and provide advice and information in plain English, not technical jargon, to help the client decide what’s right for their project.”

Kevan adds, “We work closely with architects, interior designers, and building contractors to ensure that every installation works with the overall look and feel of the property. Every effort is made to ensure that we offer the very latest in available technologies. We work with a number of high-quality suppliers within the home technology industry, to complete the project to the highest standards.”

All of this commitment to high-quality care, can be seen in abundance with this cinema project for this residential property in Esher, Surrey, that was undergoing major refurbishment, including the design and execution of a brand-new dedicated home cinema in the existing under-used basement storage area.

The install team were faced with an initial challenge to identify exactly what level of home cinema was required, resulting in a visit to the AWE showroom in Epsom so that the clients could experience a range of technologies and solutions for themselves.

Following the demonstration, the homeowner opted for a large screen and projection system, alongside a high-performance audio system with a single point of control.

With the level and quality of home cinema set up confirmed (Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 system with a fixed screen and a 16.9 ratio) Aktivworld specified a number of products that would provide deliver the performance the family wanted.

For audio, Akitvworld installed three KEF Ci5160RL speakers for the LCR channels, two KEF Ci3160RL for left and right surround, two KEF Ci3160RL for rear surround channels, and four KEF CI200QR for the front and rear height channels.

Akitvworld says the THX-certified full range speakers ensure quality sound is heard from any location in the cinema room no matter where the person is sitting thanks to enhanced dispersion characteristics much wider than in-wall speakers typically achieve.

Given the nature of the basement construction and room size, Aktivworld installed the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers into custom-built sealed cabinets, made in accordance with the KEF optimum internal volume specifications for the best audio experience.

The homeowner also specified that the speakers were hidden from view, so the walls were finished in acoustically transparent fabrics with a suede ceiling, as well as custom-painted speaker grills.

The team also installed a Marantz AV8805 pre-amplifier, two Marantz MM8077 power amplifiers, and two KEF KASA500 amplifiers.

Together, these products redefine the listening experience with improved bass and precision, especially when paired with four Definitive Technology IWSub10/10 in-wall sub woofers.

In addition, the whole cinema room, including the walls and ceiling, was acoustically treated to remove any echo and provide the optimum audio isolation and reproduction properties. 

Custom made

For the display, Aktivworld installed a custom-made 119in 16.9 Euroscreen Vision Vel-Tex ReAct 3 projection screen, which achieves an optimal flat viewing surface with enhanced light control, combined with an Epson 4K laser, a solution noted for vivid colours and strong blacks.

The Epson projector was fixed into place via a ceiling mounted drop pole mount.

Whole-room control was achieved using the AWE-supplied URC MRX-10 Total Control 2.0 system hub, along with a URC TDC-7100 table-top touchscreen.

This intuitive and versatile solution allows the homeowner the simplicity in control they were looking for. The whole cinema is controlled via a bespoke custom user interface.

The unique 7in TDC-7100 desktop controller provides attractive and responsive control over the system with added security and room-to-room connection benefits, as well as a camera and speaker to work alongside the intercom system.

To finish the install, the home cinema also benefits from an intelligent lighting system, made up using lighting control components, which support the scene control via the installed URC TC 2.0 system.

Kevan sums up, “Overall, the installation is a stunning state-of-the-art home cinema with exceptional audio and video reproduction that I am very proud of.  The interior design and finish of the room complements the technology to provide a truly stunning home cinema. From the initial demo and throughout the project, AWE provided exceptional support and service, with special thanks going to the sales and technical teams.”

Essential Kit List

  • 3 x KEF Ci5160RL speakers
  • 2 x KEF Ci3160RL speakers
  • 2 x KEF Ci3160RL speakers
  • 4 x KEF CI200QR speakers
  • 4 x Definitive Technology IWSub10/10 in-wall subwoofers
  • 1 x Marantz AV8805 pre-amplifier
  • 2 x Marantz MM8077 power amplifiers
  • 2 x KEF KASA500 amplifiers
  • Custom-made 119in 16.9 Euroscreen Vision Vel-Tex ReAct 3 projection screen
  • Epson: 4K LS10500 laser projector
  • URC MRX-10 Total Control 2.0 system hub
  • 1 x URC TDC-7100 table-top touchscreen
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