As well as a Kaleidescape cinema set-up, the van features an integrated Crestron control system for adjusting lighting, shades, HVAC, AV, security and power seating through dual 5in, in-wall touch screens near the driver’s seat and in the rear bulkhead, as well as via three iPads.

Jason Lord from The Source AV explains that Ford Designers came up with the concept, whilst The Source AV Design Group designed, installed and engineered the automation and AV to meet the brief.

Jason says the most challenging part of the project was getting the Stewart Screen and Wolf Projector which partner the Kaleidescape system to work in such a small area. The Kaleidescape system itself includes the company’s Blue Ray disc vault/player.

The Van also features a Marantz AV 7701 processor, Sunfire TGA 7201 Seven channel amplifier, Totem Acoustic Tribe Subwoofer, Crestron MC3 Controller, Crestron Lighting, Crestron relay HVAC and mechanical control, Crestron shades and Seven channels of Focal Grande Utopia Speaker technology especially constructed in France.

Jason explains: “The Crestron RMC3 controller gave us the capability to provide integrated control of all the vehicle’s systems through the familiar, user-friendly interface of an iPad or Crestron’s TSW-550 wall-mounted touch screen.

“Its small footprint allowed us to mount the RMC3 in an equipment rack in the rear 18in of the van, along with the Kaleidescape server, theater controller and amplifiers, packing a lot of technology into a compact space.”

The sound system can also play music from Apple devices via AirPlay, Pandora and other Internet radio stations through the Marantz AV 7701 as well as CDs from the Kaleidescape server.

Ford is so impressed the company has asked The Source AV to get involved in some other similar concept projects.

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